our goals

ur aim – to gather the existing knowledge on handmade paper done anywhere in the world – is making such knowledge effectively and largely available to the scientific and educational community, to the arts world and society as a whole.

To achieve this goal, Meirat Foundation researches on any sources of information, regardless of its geographical and historical location, the characteristics of its holder and the used language, in order to pour this knowledge into current knowledge formats; preferably in Spanish, English and Japanese languages. We make comprehensive scientific work, linking the aspects that have concur in the manufacturing of handmade paper, both socially and economically, geographically, technologically, etc., and explain both its origins and its perpetuity over time.

We also want to encompass the influence that papermaking has had on different societies from the creation or improvement of other handcrafts to the decisive role it has had on the development and transmission of knowledge; emphasizing the objective relationships between causes and effects.

Meirat Foundation tries to bridge the gap with other cultures and peoples through the creation and maintenance of international long-lasting working groups, which to collaborate and combine networking professionals from different disciplines; carefully avoiding any discrimination based on race, sex, beliefs…