european heritage days


From the late fourteenth century handmade paper-making has been almost constant at Lozoya’s Valley. It’s located about 85 kilometres north of Madrid and now in the National Park of Sierra de Guadarrama.

On the first day (09/19/2014) at the headquarters of the IPCE (Ministry of Culture), we attempted to locate the “Rascafría’s Paper Path” role in its historical and socio-economical context, in order to make available to everyone the characteristics of the artisan activity that has given life and name to the paper mills of the territory for more tan six centuries.

The result was, along with other contributions, one of the groundwork to add this route to other cultural and sightseeing tours of the Guadarrama National Park and the Autonomous Community of Madrid.

During the second day (09/20/2014), we walked through the Paper Path explaining what happened to that trade, we made hand-made paper sheets and experienced differently the Peñalara’s landscape (2.428m) through the original prints of Luis Feito. We finished at the exhibition about the restoration of the Paular’s Monastery.